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Berwick Footballers who enlisted

This is a report from the Berwick Shire News of March 8, 1916 which lists the 23 Berwick Football Club players who had enlisted for active service (even though the article says 24). I have done some research to try to work out who these men were and I have also used the research of Chris McKenna of the Berwick RSL, who has researching local soldiers for many years.  I have listed their Service Numbers (SN) so you can look up  their full record on the National Archives site

Berwick Shire News March 8, 1916

Avard, Hugo (Richard Hugo Turnbull Avard) (SN 1851) Hugo worked for the Post Office before he enlisted on September 11, 1915. He returned to Australia on September 26, 1917.

Bannan, John Joseph. (SN 1126) He is listed as Bannon on the War Memorial in Berwick and as Badnan on the Nominal rolls. John was quarryman, who enlisted on June 14, 1915 aged 24. He was married to Mary Ann and they lived in Berwick. He died of disease on October, 16, 1918.

Baxter, Frederick Edward (SN 4440) Fred enlisted on March 5, 1915. He was a gunner. He was Killed in Action in France on August 22, 1918. 

This is a report from The South Bourke and Mornington Journal of May 6, 1915 about Gunner Baxter's enlistment.

Bragg, Arthur Robert (SN 2564)  Arthur and his wife Emily had the Central Hotel Beaconsfield. Arthur enlisted on August 2, 1915 at the age of 39. He was Killed in Action on July 19, 1916.   Arthur is also listed on the Beaconsfileld War Memorial.

The Truth November 27, 1915

I found this interesting account of Arthur Bragg's divorce in The Truth newspaper of  November 27, 1915 - it's a bit hard to read but it appears that Mrs Bragg owned a hotel in Cloncurry, which she sold and she then purchased the Central Hotel in Beaconsfield. Arthur got into debt, they quarrelled and he joined up, but later admitted that he had been 'misconducting himself with women' The couple had three children. It lists his age as 44, 5 years older than the age he gave when he enlisted.  

Brocklebank, Ralph Thomas. (SN 3012) Lieutenant Brocklebank enlisted on July 20, 1915 age 22. He was a Bank Clerk. He returned to Australia April, 27 1919.

Buchanan, Eric Alexander. (SN 1676). Eric was a Clerk from Berwick when he enlisted on July 14, 1915 age 21. He was in the Light Horse and returned to Australia on July 23, 1919.

Clements, John William Henry  (SN 5995) John was a teacher at Officer State School when he enlisted on June 16, 1916. he returned to Australia September 25, 1919.

Crabtree, Walter (SN 242a). Walter, a driver, enlisted in Berwick on February 29, 1916. He returned to Australia August 22, 1919.

Faragher, Leslie Victor (SN 2624) Leslie was employed by R. J Espie as a blacksmith before he enlisted on August 2, 1915. He was Killed in Action in France on May 16, 1916.

Fleer, Harold Edward (SN 3112). Harold was a farmer from Harkaway when he enlisted on July 7, 1915 aged 18. Hist parents Edward and Martha Fleer, gave permission as Harold was under 21. Harold returned to Australia on April, 13, 1919.

Griffin, James Daniel (SN 26752) James, a labourer,  was living in Berwick when he enlisted on January 17, 1916. Returned to Australia June 16, 1919.

Grigg, Donald Douglas (SN 85a) Donald was a farmer and lived in Berwick when he enlisted on March 24, 1915.   Returned to Australia January 2, 1919.

Lewis, Frederick (SN 3897) Frederick was 24 when he enlisted. His occupation was baker's driver. His next of kin was his father, Caleb Lewis, of Wilson Street, Berwick.  Fred Returned to Australia March 28, 1919. Fred worked for Donald Rowe, baker, of Narre Warren. You can read about him, here

Loveridge, Ellis (Alfred Ellis Loveridge) ( SN 7880) Storekeeper of Berwick and enlisted on June 15, 1915. Returned to Australia May 3, 1919. 

Lyall, Edmund Ramsden (SN 3170). Edmund was a teacher at the Berwick State school when he enlisted July 24, 1915 aged 20 years, 11 months. He was the son of  John Lyall of Jindivick. Edmund was Killed in Action, in France, on November, 11 1916.

McKay, Albert Duncan (SN 4758) Albert, a labourer,  enlisted on February 2, 1916 and Returned to Australia on June 6, 1918.

Munro, Robert (SN 6542) Robert was a Quarryman and enlisted on June 5, 1915. Not surprisingly, as he had worked in a Quarry he was a Sapper. He returned to Australia April 13, 1919.

O'Sullivan, William (SN 3867) William was 27 when he enlisted on July 9, 1915. He is next of kin was listed as his cousin, Maud Maynard. He died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound on July 19, 1916. 

Randle, Henry George (SN 1274). Henry enlisted on July 7, 1915 aged 27. He was an orchardist from Narre Warren. Henry returned to Australia on May 15, 1919. He was in the First Light Horse Regiment.

Sherriff, Arthur Mason (SN 4529)  Arthur was a nursery man of Narre Warren and enlisted on December 24, 1915. He returned to Australia August 25, 1917. 

Smith, Clarence John (SN 107) Clarence, a horse driver,  enlisted February 4, 1916 and was Killed in Action in Belgium on June 8, 1917.

Warne, Charles Frederick Peneligon  (SN 254) Charles was 42 years old and a painter when he enlisted on January 29, 1916. He Returned to Australia Septermber 23, 1919.

Young, Walter Leslie (SN 632) There is a Walter Leslie Young listed in the 1914 Electoral roll, occupation merchant, address Narre Warren North and a Walter Leslie Young, occupation grocer, enlisting on February 2, 1916 so I believe that W. Young is this person. Plus there is an account of a Private Walter Young having a farewell social at Narre Warren North in April 1916, so I am confident we have the correct man. Walter Returned to Australia on May 27, 1919.

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