Thursday, August 6, 2020

Beaconsfield and Officer Great War Soldiers

The digital memorial to Beaconsfield soldiers, which was available on a terminal at the Community Centre had now been uploaded to the Beaconsfield Progress Association (BPA) website    The BPA website also hosts a digital database of Officer soldiers

The databases are based on the research of Penny Harris Jennings from her two books -   Beaconsfield Avenue of Honour: Servicemen remembered (published by the Beaconsfield Progress Association, download a PDF version here) and We will remember them: Officer Roll of Honor World War 1 1914 - 1918 Commemorating the Centenary of Armistice 11th November 2018 (published by the Officer and District Community Association, download a PDF version here)

These databases are a wonderful memorial to the soldiers of Beaconsfield and Officer and they look at the military history of  each soldier as well as their life after the War,  if they were fortunate enough to return.

Penny should be congratulated on her extensive research and we grateful to the Beaconsfield Progress Association for making these two resources freely available on their website.

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