Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The need for good literature at the Front

An interesting article from the Lang Lang Guardian of September 29, 1915 about the need for suitable literature for our soldiers at the Front. The Reverend Herbert de Putron Hitchcock, the Anglican Minister,  knew from experience that when a squad of men got together that they were apt to talk about what had better be left unsaid. Therefore good literature would keep the soldier's minds pure and clean. We have met the Reverend de Putron Hitchcock before in this blog - he helped to celebrate the first ANZAC Day commemorations in Lang Lang and Yallock in April 1916. Read about it here

Lang Lang Guardian September 29, 1915

Gippsland Times June 30, 1924

Herbert de Putron-Hitchcock died June 24, 1924 aged 74. A death notice says that he was the son of Edward and Mary Elizabeth Hitchcock of London. Mrs Hitchcock's maiden name was de Putron, so did Herbert adopt the double barreled name to sound  a bit posh or was the family one of modern thinkers who gave both parents names to their children?

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